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Copper processing technology which strong, Henan Xinxiang find Dashan
Author:admin | Release time:2024-04-15

The role of tin bronze copper bushing and casting method

The role of copper bush is very wide, copper, used for sliding bearings, bearings than the normal amount of savings, can withstand greater loads, copper bush, also known as copper bearings, need to oil lubrication bearings. 

Is a variety of copper alloy production used to lubricate mechanical parts. With a variety of large, heavy machinery, is an important component of machinery. 

Can be divided into: self-lubricating copper bush, need to give oil lubrication; graphite copper bush, no need to give oil lubrication.

Copper sleeve material has a lot of common tin bronze, aluminium bronze, brass, phosphor bronze, etc., casting can be divided into metal casting model, precision casting, centrifugal casting, sand casting.

Centrifugal casting and precision casting are special casting. Centrifugal casting is the use of centrifugal force to throw the liquid metal to the edge of the mould, the final shape.

 The centrifugal casting model is the casting model, which is similar to metal type casting, the casting model is reused many times. 

Precision casting is mainly used to make wax moulds, outside the wax moulds, coated with refractory materials of different fineness, melting the wax moulds, and the shell type is then roasted at high temperature and shaped. 

Sand casting casting using quartz sand and then with the joint material such as clay, resin, water glass, etc., the main material of the casting is quartz sand. Moulds are used many times, casting one-time use. 

Centrifugal casting can only produce cylindrical or disc ring castings. Precision casting can only make small castings. Sand casting can make larger and more complex castings, the batch can have size. 

Can make a single piece, can also be made in large quantities, wider adaptability.

Sand casting - a casting method that produces castings in a sand mould. Steel, iron, copper bushings and most non-ferrous alloy castings can be obtained by sand casting method. 

As sand casting moulding materials used in cheap and easy to get, casting manufacturing simple, single piece of casting production, batch production and mass production can be adapted.

Copper bushing casting is completed after the first cooling, copper bushing blank after cooling on the lathe for rough machining, rough machining is completed on the CNC for finishing. 

Production processing at the same time can be tested at any time.

 Comprehensively speaking, the production process of copper bushing in our factory is as follows:

 purchasing raw materials (copper ingot, zinc ingot) → casting (centrifugal casting, sand casting, metal casting) → cooling → rough machining → finishing → testing → wiping and packing → delivery.