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Dust control measures for mining raw material crushing system
Author:admin | Release time:2024-04-18

Mineral processing in the production process of many process equipment will have dust, in order to make mineral processing plant dust production point to meet the national standard production conditions and emissions of exhaust gas to meet the national emission standards, must be produced at the dust production point of the dust control, according to the characteristics and nature of mining dust, of course, the air box pulse bag filter is the most ideal choice, the air box pulse bag filter has now been widely promoted and used across the country, have achieved relatively satisfactory operating results. The air box pulse bag filter has been widely used in the country and has achieved the ideal operation effect.


Below we introduce a few common dust production in mineral processing plant dust control measures and the choice of dust removal equipment.

  1. Mining raw materials crushing system dust collector for raw minerals, lump ore and limestone, dolomite, bauxite, raw coal and other raw materials, crusher or crusher feeding port ﹑ outlets, vibrating screen and the upper part of the belt conveyor transfer points and other parts of the airtight device or dust collection cover, the transfer point of the material at the preferred double airtight cover.

       Dust-producing equipment with a closed cover up, or make dust collection chamber, so that the formation of uniform negative pressure inside the cover to avoid the escape of dust, or with an open suction cover to form a suction airflow, the exposed dusty area is controlled in a narrow range, so that the dust-carrying airflow is suction pumped through the dust collector cleaner through the exhaust pipe (or chimney) into the atmosphere.

  2. Dust removal measures should be taken for the unloading car on the trough and the quantitative feeding station under the trough of the mixing and blending batching tank. The dust generated by the unloading car on the trough can be used to move the air venting tank or vehicle-carried dust collector, or set up a large volume of closed cover. For the dust generated by the quantitative unloading device under the tank should be equipped with a double-layer airtight cover. For the dust from the mixing and batching trough, it is appropriate to set up an independent dry dust removal system and adopt bag filter.

  3. Raw coal crushing and conveying dust removal system should take professional measures. Dust collector using bag-type dust collector, dust bag should have anti-static function; system and equipment should be electrostatic grounding, and set up explosion relief device. Grey hopper should take thermal insulation or accompanying heat measures.

  4. Raw material yard dust extraction system including ore crushing, screening dust removal system, limestone crushing, screening dust removal system, aluminium ore crushing dust removal system, as well as coal crushing dust removal system. For dust-producing equipment centralised, the same nature of dust and the same working system of dust-producing points, as far as possible to use a large centralised dust removal system, easy to manage, such as limestone crushing, screening dust removal system up to dozens of dust-producing points concentrated in a large system. Otherwise, a small decentralised system can be used. Various types of dust removal systems are mostly used in dry high-efficiency bag filter.