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Service Hotline +86 17719955658
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Copper bushing manufacturers specialising in the production and processing of brass bushing
Author:admin | Release time:2024-04-18

 Copper bushing manufacturers today for you to professionally explain the brass copper bushing, any kind of copper bushing casting, we should first understand its material properties and chemical properties, if you don't understand these basic properties of it, you simply can't make a qualified copper bushing.

  Brass copper sleeve material is certainly our common brass, it is in the atmosphere, pure fresh water, a variety of media in aqueous solutions and organic matter are corrosion-resistant. In the atmosphere brass corrosion is very slow, if in steam water, carbon dioxide and ammonia, brass corrosion rate significantly accelerated. It is in the pit groundwater, extremely easy to corrode.

  Dezincification of brass copper jacket is due to the standard potential of zinc is much lower than that of copper. Brass copper jacket in oxygen-containing neutral salts in aqueous solution, first of all the zinc ions in which the anodic reaction and dissolution, copper is a multi-hollow film remains on the brass surface. This is, the brass surface constitutes a battery, thus further accelerating the corrosion process of brass.


Brass copper bushing in high temperature oxidation, but also produce dezincification phenomenon, in the high temperature of the vapour pressure is higher, easy to evaporate, so that the brass surface content is reduced.

  Although brass copper sleeve is generally common in our life, but it also has a lot of unfavourable factors, we must consider more clearly when we buy.

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