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Service Hotline +86 17719955658
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Features of Phosphor Bronze Copper Bush
Author:admin | Release time:2024-06-08

The main features of phosphor bronze copper bush: Phosphor bronze copper bush is a kind of copper bush. Among them, phosphor copper is made of bronze with degassing agent added, phosphorus P content is 0.03~0.35%, and tin content is 5~8%. And other trace elements such as iron Fe, zinc Zn, etc. have good ductility and fatigue resistance. It can be used in electrical and mechanical materials, and its reliability is higher than that of general copper alloy products.

Copper bush is a kind of non-ferrous metal processing rod, which has good processing performance and high electrical conductivity. Phosphor bronze jack reed hard-wired electrical structure, no rivet connection or no friction contact, can ensure good contact, good elasticity, and smooth insertion and insertion. The alloy has excellent machinability and chip forming performance, and can quickly shorten the processing time of parts. As an intermediate alloy, phosphor bronze is widely used in copper casting, solder and other fields, and occupies an important place in the development of modern economy.

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Features of Phosphor Bronze Copper Bush