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The development trend of large copper parts processing technology
Author:admin | Release time:2024-04-02

On the basis of the existing, China's large copper processing technology development trend is as follows.

① copper processing production process to high-efficiency, energy-saving, T / material, continuous, automated, short process, environmentally friendly direction, in which the plate and strip and mace wire billet production of continuous casting and rolling technology will be further promoted and applied; tube production of pure copper tube disc pulling technology will be promoted and applied in the production of copper alloy tubes. Bar and profile extrusion production of continuous extrusion technology will be further developed and applied.

② small and medium-sized copper processing enterprises, copper processing technology to diversification. Single-species production specialisation will be more attention, such as tin phosphor bronze belt production line, condenser tube production line, internal threaded tube and external fins production line, profile production line, welded tube production line, etc. to become a specialised production.


③ Due to the diversity of copper processing materials, the traditional processing methods, technology, equipment will continue to co-exist for a long time with modern processing technology, but the level of its stand-alone will be improved, new technology, new technology, new methods will also be widely used. In particular, the development of new products and development process is inseparable from the small test, therefore, the current processing technology still has room for development.

④Large copper processing analysis, testing, on-line inspection and other technologies will also be the rapid development of the production process of product quality data recording and microcomputer processing is more urgent. The computer management technology of copper processing material production process will be rapidly popularised.

⑤Production equipment of high performance, high efficiency, automation will continue to be developed, research, specialisation and series of equipment manufacturing will be more and more attention.

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